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About Us

In the realm of interior design and furniture craftsmanship, there exists a unique oasis where artistic expression melds seamlessly with functionality. Enter Bohemian Soul Art, a boutique furniture and interior decor company that has been redefining living spaces since its inception in 2015. Founded by the visionary artisan, Sapna Naidu Franswah, this company has carved a distinct niche for itself by creating bespoke handmade furniture and decor that breathes life into spaces and tell stories of their own.


Sapna Franswah
Sapna Naidu Franswah
Founder & Owner
Nikul Naidu
Nikul Naidu
Director & Head of Sales
Fiona Franswah
Fiona Franswah  
Business Development Head -Middle East


At Bohemian Soul Art, we envision a world where living spaces are not just functional but also artistic expressions of individuality and creativity. Our vision is to inspire and transform homes where every piece of furniture and decor resonates with the unique spirit of its owner.


Our mission at Bohemian Soul Art is to create bespoke handmade furniture and interior decor that transcends the ordinary and celebrates the extraordinary. We strive to make our clients worlds more vibrant,artistic, and welcoming —one living space at a time."